Free Hair

A&Y BUNKER CyberShop
Male and female hair for group members. There are also two Lucky Boards with hair.

Aibeat Hair Shop
Free hairbases and Midnight Mania board.

Alice Project
Lots and lots of group gifts, there is a fee to join the group.
Midnight Mania board (no group needed) and another Midnight Mania board (group needed).
Lucky Board (no group needed).
Group gift for SL Frees & Offers members. No fee to join that group.

Free hair, group gifts (no fee to join the group), prize boards, Lucky Chairs...

Amacci Hair
Free hairbases and group gift.
(Look in the other sections of the shop, there are more gifts)

Analog Dog Hair
Analog Dog freeball with several hairstyles.
Free hairbases.

Several group gifts.

Ben's Beauty
Group gift.

Beautiful Dirty Rich
Lots of free flexi hair.

Free hairbases and group gift.

Calico Hair
Free hair for all and group gift.

Hairbases for CATWA users.

Two gifts.


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