FREE!!! More than 100 Gifts at COCO Designs (Clothes, Shoes, Mesh Avatars, and Lots More)


COCO Group Gift : Jacket with Tote - Hands in Pockets (Pink)

*COCO* Halloween Gift

Gift @Fameshed

*COCO* Designs has more than 100 gifts in different areas of the store, make sure you get them all because they are great!!! Their groups are free to join (and yes, I said groups because you are going to need more than one as there are different types of gifts). 

There are 60+ group gifts in the centre of the store HERE (check both sides of the low walls in the centre, they are full of gifts. Mostly clothes and shoes, but also complete avatars). Group needed: *COCO* Update Group. There are 24 gifts free for all HERE

There are 9 gifts free for all in the outlet HERE. No group needed for these gifts, just buy for 0L$. One of the gifts is the one above, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz set (full mesh avatar and display figures), there is also a rabbit avatar, doll heads, clothes, and accessories. 

FREE Kid Dolls (bodies and heads), just buy for 0 lindens HERE. In the same room you can get two more free rabbit avatars, and free outfits for them. They are on the wall to the left of the free bodies and heads. There are 12 group gifts for the Kid Dolls in the centre of the room. You will need this group to get them *DOLLCOCO* Update Group and for the 24 gifts in the other room (4 Doll avatars, clothes, and accessories) HERE

COCO Gift Doll Full Avatar
COCO Gift Doll Full Avatar (Cacao)

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