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So many places to go, so many things to do... I'm exhausted, and my computer is acting up so I decided to go to the Squishy Pickle in Brodomiva and rest for a little while. I think I may have even fallen asleep with my eyes open for a moment there.

Cilia Shepherd, owner of C!L Boutique has this cute cropped sports hoodie as a gift to celebrate Second Life 16th Birthday. It goes perfectly well with the booty shorts in the picture. You can get them for just 1 linden this weekend.

@ C!L Boutique

* June 1rst - 30th Old Hollywood 'All Things Events'
* June 1rst - 30th - Twisted Event RFL
* June 7th - 30th Life's A Beach Hunt
*June Group Gift is available in the store :)
* May Group Gift is still available @ the boutique!
* May Gift Specials FabFree Group is also out!

* July 1rst - 25th - All Things Event 'July Round'
* July 5th - 1920's Fashion Show - Brand new C!L collection will be presented @ Adlon's (the Berlin 1920's Project)
* July 7th - 31rst - Lazy Summer Day Hunt
* July Group Specials FabFree Group
* Sept 7th - 30th - Dark and Brooding Hunt
* October 7th - 31rst - Sinister Hunt
* October Group Specials FabFree Group
* Nov 7th - 30th - Winter Wonderland Hunt


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