Ballroom Ellegance: From the Heart

A very dear friend of mine who is a great builder and designer has opened a beautiful ballroom called "Ballroom Elegance" and a radio station called "Desde el corazón" (From the Heart). She says it is her dream come true and it makes me happy to see her happy. :)

Even though you can visit the ballroom and enjoy the music now, there is an official opening party on Saturday, 8th July 3:00 p.m SL time. So wear your best formal clothes and dance to your heart's content while listening to some of the best romantic music (boleros, ballads, oldies, salsa, bachata, music from Spain, Italy, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina...).

There will be a gift in the entrance, free male and female clothes and a radio. Remember formal attire is required at events. Please, do not use gestures and be respectful. Enjoy your visit and have fun!


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