September has been a very busy month in rl, and October is not going to be different. Lots of things to do in rl, less time for sl... Even if I don't have the time to do everything I want to do, I know one hunt I'm going to make time for: The Runway Perfect Hunt, one of the bests hunts in sl with amazing gifts. Here is one of those amazing gifts, the "Perfect Red" Runway Prop, a must for any future model or star.

I'm wearing a sexy suit, another great creation by VERO MODERO, and SKIFIJA feet and shoes, you can wear the feet with the shoes, or just the feet.

I love WoW Skins and this one is free for group members, there's a fee to join the group, but it's really worth it, you get lots of beautiful skins, and can slap the Midnight Mania boards and Lucky boards, full of really nice skins. 

The hair by Tameless is part mesh, and you can get it in lots of colours.


-SKIFIJA-  Feet 2 + 2 Heels (feet and shoes)

.::WoW Skins::. Tanita - group gift

Tameless Hair Maya
Tameless has some gifts, Lucky chairs, hunt prizes, promos...

Prop and poses:
TRPH3 #08 ::WetCat:: "Perfect Red" Runway Prop - FREE
Join the group to get the great gifts available to members, slap the Midnight Mania board and look for the hunt prizes hidden in the shop.


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