Orange is the New Black

Sascha's Designs - Sascha's Halloween Hunt
An orange beautiful gown with three different skirts, so you can have three different looks, hidden in 9 pumpkins. Each pumpkin costs 1 linden, so you get three great outfits for just 9 lindens. Hints:
Clue 1 - You know where reception is?  Cool, so do we!
Clue 2 - A Fat Elixer is just what you need
Clue 3 - Don't look up at the freebies
Clue 4 - Hiding amongst the Lego
Clue 5 - keeping abreast of Alyson
Clue 6 - Not sure if marrying a pumpkin is a good idea
Clue 7 - We used to be 60L
Clue 8 - in my Arrogance I forgot where I put this
Clue 9 - I bet you walked right past me!

Magika Hair
Two spooky hair colors of "Faint" in all sizes. Halloween gift for subscribers.

.::WoW Skins::. Tanita - group gift
There's a fee to join the group, but it's really worth it, you get lots of beautiful skins, and can slap the Midnight Mania boards and Lucky boards, full of really nice skins.

:: Focus Poses Model 104 ::


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