Gifts from the ArisAris Hunt

ArisAris Igs5 - ArisAris Hunt gift
Don't forget to get the many great group gifts on the top floor.

GAALL Skins "Penelope" - ArisAris Hunt gift
Get the group gifts, skin and shape.

Moonshadow Zahara bracelet and earrings - ArisAris Hunt gift

Hair: (Not part of the hunt)
Tameless Hair Felicity, available in many colours.
Tameless has some gifts, Lucky chairs, hunt prizes, promos...

Pose: (Not part of the hunt)
::WetCat:: "Adle" Runway Set

I have been so busy in rl, that I haven't had the time to log on sl or blog as much as I would like to. I wanted to blog this great hunt days ago, but I had too much work in rl. Here you have just a few of the very nice gifts available. The hunt finishes tomorrow so... hurry!

More information about the hunt:


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