Absolutely Fabulous and Free!

Celebrating birthdays is exhausting! but not matter what they say... you are never too old to celebrate a birthday... You are a year older, even if you are not wiser, it is another chance to be fabulous... and with the great Finding FabFree Hunt you can be absolutely fabulous for free!!! (I must confess it is not my birthday, but I couldn't resist, the birthday hedgehog is just sooo cute...).

FFH - 76 Vanity Hair:FabFree Hunt
Hint: Up, up!!!

Skin, shape and horns:
FFH - 15 Aeva // Heartsick Finding FabFree Hunt Gifts
You get the male and female versions, in several options.
Hint: Sometimes, they say it has two faces.

FFH - 112 Devilish Designs Fab Free Hunt 
Hint: Have green thumb with plants and you can find free.

Pet toy:
FFH - 95 * Rivendell * Birthday Hedgehog
Hint: Maybe needed if it is raining.

Autumn tree with falling leaves, bench with poses and animations:
FFH - 78 *GALLI* - Autumn Rest + Falling leaves
Hint: This one is a life saver.

 ~*GOD*~ Dream Scene - The Wood Glade

More gifts, not in picture:

Join the Aeva // Heartsick group, to get 3 skins for female avatars and 1 skin for male avatars for free. There is no fee to join the group.

Garden of Dreams has some great gifts, they have been available for a very long time, but I know many of you don't have them yet, so here they are:

- 3 Dream Scenes:
"Dream Scene is your portable hideaway in the sky. Rezz the bubble and fly up to 4000m to fantastic venues for you and your friends. Privacy in a fancifull scenery!"
~*GOD*~ The Cave - Basic (only available at the shop) - free.
Available for free at the shop and at the MarketPlace:
 ~*GOD*~ Dream Scene - The Wood Glade
~*GOD*~ Page 24

- Dollarbies:
~*GOD*~ Vegetable Patch
~*GOD*~ Water Lilly
~*GOD*~ Kandelaber
~*GOD*~ Ivie - Set
~*GOD*~ Arbor - Set
~*GOD*~ Boat
~*GOD*~ Chain Bridge
~*GOD*~ Wave - Set
~*GOD*~ Ruins - Set
~*GOD*~ Selva - Palm Plants


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