Home Sweet Home (with an internet connection!). I'm finally back home and found my mail box full of emails from shops, and I have missed some gifts because my IMs got capped... so I decided I would tp from one shop to another unsubscribing (I'm subscribed to far too many places, some I didn't even know I was subscribed to!).

Unsubscribing... easier said than done... You get an email from each subscriber when you are not online. It let's you know they've sent you something and it gives you the slurl of the subscriber. Some subscribers are easy to find, others... not so much. Some subscribers are in plain sight, others are hidden or not there at all! I have been to Linden Homes, booted from private areas... In a word... frustrating. 

Then I remembered that there was a website for hipposubscribers and you could use it to unsubscribe from the sneaky things... so I went to old reliable Google and found the site. All you need to do is go to the hippoGROUPS headquarters, touch the sign in the picture and you'll get a link to their site and a password.

So here it is:

Have fun! (Just don't unsubscribe from one of your favourite groups by mistake!)

That only works for hippo subscribers. Now, if I could find a web for the other kinds of subscribers...


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