The Gallery Gift Shop Hunt and Gifts

The Gallery Gift Shop One Year Anniversary Hunt
There are a couple of gifts by the door.

Hunt hints:
#1 {A}Almost Famous
He's in hibernation.

#2 22769 ~ casual couture
Never ever put art there - and do not burn your fingers when you try to get the prize.

#3 [*MiuMin*]
same as 22769

We're becoming extinct.

#5 K_gs
Let the light be your way.

#6 [NudoLu]
You should go for a bike ride.

#7 [#7]
Row, Row, Row, your boat.

#8 [Stain Cosmetics]
Watch your head.

#9 [~Tableau Vivant~]
The view by the canopy is nice.

#10 ::c.A.::
The weasel is on to something.

 #11 [DDD]
No hint, it's too easy!
#12 WEG (World's End Garden)
Only time will tell.

L2 Studio Gift:

You can see the gifts here:

Dreamer is wearing:


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