57 Gifts and Counting

I'm finally on holiday so I'm slowly trying to catch up with notecards, emails, notices, organize my blog and links (I'll share lots of those great links with you as soon as I have the time, meanwhile you can have a look at the links in my profile inworld or have a look at the link bar under the name of my blog)... While doing all that, I noticed the slurl to the shop was missing in a post I did over a year ago, so I tried search (nothing there) and then I searched my inventory (one of these days I'm going to have the time and will to organize it!). Long story short, I found the landmark, went to the shop and I'm updating the post. There are 57 gifts available for group members now!

I'm using the picture I used over a year ago (no time for a new one, sorry!). The gifts in the picture and many more are available free for group members. There's no fee to join the group.

magi take shop


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