From Head to Toe

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:: PM :: Pearl - From Head to Toes Hunt (dress, hair and accessories)
Look for the 14 pearls that hide this beautiful outfit, hair (you can modify its colour) and accessories. This hunt is for group members only. There's a 50 linden fee to join the group, but it's really worth it, just look at what you get in this hunt, and there's another gift available for group members at the shop.
12 pearls hidden in the main building:
2 pearls hidden in the Boho House:

#01 It warms your hearth.
#02 Bubbles fro your tired and cold feet.
#03 Dance surrounded by roses.
#04 It's a name, it's a month, it's a top!
#05 People say Elvis was seen in this room.
#06 It is a name of a flower that reminds me of my mom.
#07 She is in Wonderland.
#08 Poulet's first gown ever is surrounded by butterflies and this little pearl.
#09 It's a bird, it's gold, i's a queen!
#10 In this room all the names have three letters.
#11 Gold and Diamonds in infinite circles.
#12 Among all these tiny frozen pearls, there is one that sounds out.
#13 Going on vacations? Start packing!
#14 Sit down and relax at the light of a candle, you are done!


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