Sanity Falls, Adventure Game with Prizes

Sanity Falls Hunt is a grid-wide adventure game by MadPea Productions. There are awesome prizes, the story is great, and you'll discover new places in Second Life. You need a hud for collecting the clues and prizes. It costs 100 lindens.

MadPeas group:
Start location:

"When a well-known psychologist, Alex Blackwell enters the beautiful mountain town of Sanity Falls with his wife Livea, he could never have anticipated how their little romantic getaway gets turned into a full blown nightmare. Covered in blood and drugged Alex wakes up on the bridge, realizing that he doesn't have memory of what happened during the last 24 hours.
Confused about what is real and what not, Alex must start a journey to discover the truth about his missing wife. Fighting against time he's forced to take actions that lead to a shocking conclusion."


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