Hunting and More @ Dirty Little Secret


Keep Calm & Keep Shopping Event (May 14-28)
"The Dressmaker's Studio". Exclusive building, never to be sold again.
Keep Calm and Keep Shopping


Sanity Falls: you need a hud to get the clues and prizes. It costs 100 lindens.

Face Your Phobia Hunt @ [dirty.little.secret] - 1 linden.

Abstract Artist Hunt  @ [dirty.little.secret] - 1 linden.

Have and Hold Hunt @ [dirty.little.secret]

There are more hunts, a group gift, promos, gatcha machines, Daily Prize boards... lots and lots of things. Go get them!

Past hunt gifts, only 25 lindens each:

[dirty.little.secret] is also participating in the The Look Fair (May 15 - 31): mesh clothes, makeup, gatcha machines and lots more.


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