High Voltage Hunt Locations and Hints

High Voltage Hunt (May 1 - May 31)

DN-HV #00 Razorblade Jacket
Hint: Hot biker bitch.
DN-HV #01 Gawk!
Hint: Find the “Secret” Cardboard Box And no worries: It's not so secret as you think!
Hint: I am a pretty Princess
Hint: mirror mirror tell me who’s the most beautiful
DN-HV #04 Sassy!
Hint: You give me Fever.
DN-HV #05 ThirteenTH
Hint: You might get lucky if you look under it.
DN-HV #06 D R O P
Hint: Look for Chair.
DN-HV #07 Grumble
Hint: I’m in between stores that are 2, also behind 1 board of 2-find me where you would slap me.
DN-HV #08 Hysteria
Hint: It was cold before, and now it’s *suddenly Spring*
Hint: Follow the skateboards to freedom of style.
DN-HV #10 Motherfunken
Hint: Don’t bother trying to pump me up for information.
DN-HV #11 croire
Hint: It’s time for spring cleaning…
Hint: It’s getting hot in here!
DN-HV #13 – picarra –
Hint: Let’s get wild.
DN-HV #14 cheeky
Hint: to the lights.
DN-HV #15 Useful Things
Hint: Behind the hoodies.
DN-HV #16 Violation Inc.
Hint: Caution: It may fall on unsuspecting stair climbers.
DN-HV #17 Shush
Hint: Find my new friend the rubber duckie. I’m not too far away.
DN-HV #18 Ducknipple
Hint: Wood squeaks.
DN-HV #19 V&M Inc.
Hint: “domo knows”.
Hint:  Purple Gift.
DN-HV #21 Adoness
Hint: Ouch! Uh, ah,… Hot!
DN-HV #22 AlterEgo
Hint: look at yourself in the mirror…arent you pwetty.
DN-HV #23 Just You Jewels
Hint: Look above the doors. You discover the surprise <3
DN-HV #24 1 Hundred
Hint: Find The Empty Hangers!
DN-HV #25 Epic
Hint: Watch out for the rain, you may need an umbrella!
DN-HV #26 Holli Pocket
Hint: That sounds good!
Hint: Behind the lantern?
DN-HV #28 Phresh
Hint: Wow these outlet prices are shocking!!! (search high, Good Luck!!)
Hint: Find Japanese Doll’s Shelf.
DN-HV #30 Anymore
Hint: and if we turn on the light.
DN-HV #31 Fierce Designs
Hint: I am under the elephant.
Hint: Go left to the Caribbean Holiday.
DN-HV #33 bastnut
Hint: I’m Boxed and cornered.
DN-HV #34 Endless Pain Tattoos
Hint: Fantasy Garden and a Fairy.
Hint: Wha you gonna do ? Sit on me ?!
DN-HV #36 Barbie Bitch
Hint: I Love so Much the Secret Desire.
DN-HV #37 Rispetto Designs
Hint: In Plain Sight.
DN-HV #38 EnvyMe
Hint:  Spin Spin  … You need Only Spin.
DN-HV #39 Goth1c0
Hint:  You’ll find me if you look up, but wear glasses cus the air might dry your eyes.
DN-HV #40 bubble
Hint: Many colors to choose for the mini-skirts.
DN-HV #41 Xplosion
Hint: The cat does his best to keep the column.
Hint: It´s not Maybelline and she wasn’t born with it.
DN-HV #43 Iren
Hint: its spring time.. lets go potting flowers!
DN-HV #44 SuPerBia
Hint: i love the grunge pose!!!
DN-HV #45 Kennedy’s
Hint: I feel so ‘SPECIAL’.
DN-HV #46 Duh!
Hint: What’s the voltage on that lamp?
DN-HV #47 Palais
Hint: Bad Kitty Camembert!
DN-HV #48 Blow-Up
Hint:  Shocking!
DN-HV #49 House of EyeZ
Hint: The golden Buddhas are guarding my hunt gif.
DN-HV #50 Embody
Hint: Please click the hunt hint giver sign to get a current hint!
DN-HV #51 Hogs and Cart Wheels
Hint: Movie Quote “Say hello to my little friend”.
DN-HV #52 Birth
Hint:  Where the hair is magical...
DN-HV #53 Juxtapose
Hint: Don’t fall off the ladder.
DN-HV #54 Sugar
Hint: What the… is that outside the window?
Hint: Omen.
DN-HV #56 Sour Pickles
Hint: Check the hint giver in store.
DN-HV #57 NeverMore
Hint:  In the murk.
DN-HV #58 Loordes of London
Hint: so which coat is it?
DN-HV #59 Leri Miles Designs
Hint: SL ate your purchase? Get it redelivered here!
DN-HV #60 OUTRage Studios
Hint: Lets just say , I have 17 speedings tickets…


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