Blogging Is Hard Work

Blogging is hard work, specially if you are blogging the Home & Garden Expo on top of your full-time job in rl. I spent hours running around many of the 16 expo sims with my mouth hanging open, first because everything was beautiful and later because I was so tired I almost fell asleep on my laptop... That's me in the picture, minus the cart (and the beer! hehehe).

I finally had to go to bed, thinking I would sleep for a few hours and then finish admiring everything, taking notes and getting a few samples for my blog... but when I got up (and believe you me, without having slept nowhere near what I needed), the expo was closed again. Don't worry! It'll open in just a few hours and all of you will be able to admire the beauty of it... and spend your lindens for a worthy cause. Shopping without guilt! My favourite kind of shopping...

FREE in the Marketplace:

I found this freebie thanks to the Virtual Vagabond blog, a great blog with lots of nice things.


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