Beacon of Hope Hunt Locations, Part 1

BOHH #040 Strawberryfizz

Necklace and earrings:
BOHH #027 Peeps

Beacon of Hope Hunt (May 1 - May 31)
Hunt prizes cost 1 linden, all proceeds go to benefit Relay For Life. 
Hunt object: a lighthouse.

BOHH #001 Mystic Bay Breedables
Hint: For the Beacon of Hope Hunt I almost made it to the top I had to stop and take a break.
Hint:  I feel so short :/

BOHH #003 Mindgardens Creations & Pandoria


BOHH #007 SSCreations
Lots of freebies, other hunts and group gifts. 

BOHH #009 Lushish Catz Women & Men Clothing

BOHH #011 Shey Fashion
Lots of hunts, group gifts, dollarbies, promos...

BOHH #012 Vero Modero
Hint: Hmmm you look seductive wearing those,want me to pick you up later for a walk?


BOHH #020 Kay’s Art Gallery

BOHH #021 Lok’s Low Prim Furniture

BOHH #028 Dinki-Di Designs

BOHH #031 zORIE’s Ritze Gestures

BOHH #032 BD Fashions For Him and Her

BOHH #034 Sacred Flame Flower Boutique

BOHH #036 Calamity Hathaway Creations

BOHH #038 Giggles Wiggles and Smiles Store & Adoption Agency


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