More Crazy Hair Hunt 3

*CHH3* 32 - [CIRCA] / C&D Designs
Hint: "Turn down the lights and let's get busy!"

*CHH3* 33/~{frou-frou}~
Hint: ceiling art is the new thing.

*CHH3* #34 ((RIPE)) Spring Lilly Hair
Hint: Can you see the  Lily Pad?

*CHH3* 35 !DSyDS!
Hint: Relax , i am comfy!

*CHH3* 36 Sentou Yousei (battle fairy)!
Hint: oh, I have a Rock stuck on my shoe..

*CHH3* 37/W.Winx
Hint: naughty naughty, forever alone in the corner

*CHH3* 38/Yasyn's Odds and Ends

*CHH3*  #39    Iron Tiger Jewelry
Hints: Raptors gave no meat passes,
no matter how swift the feet flew.
Plant eaters munched on sweet grasses,
like tasty proto bamboo:)

*CHH3* # 40 .::CENSORED::.

*CHH3* 41 / Calico Ingmann Creations
Hint: Its about time.

*CHH3* 42 Battle Angel (I haven't found it)

*CHH3* 43 {Bingo}
Hint: On the head!

(The shop wasn't at the landmark given)

*CHH3* 45 +tribe+ (I couldn't find it)
Hint: Go home.

*CHH3* 46 IM CaPPeD

*CHH3* 47 Morgane Batista Poses
Hint: Where the top models are, you will find.

*CHH3* 48 ~ HeLtEr SkElTeR ~
Hint: a good start in the day with a breakfast!

*CHH3* 49/The Strand
Hint: They aren't socks.

*CHH3* 50 Nightshade Designs (I haven't found it)

*CHH3* 51 Entropy Designs
Hint: Warning Blowdryer should not be submerged underwater! May cause DEATH by electrocution.

*CHH3* 52 L+N Signature Designs
Hint: "Time is precious".  

*CHH3* 53/ Le Cactus (Maya Paris)
Hint: I like bananas...because they have no bones.

*CHH3* 54 Alpha & Omega Point

*CHH3* 55/Zibska
Hint: Bird is the Word.

Hint: Please don't snoop in my desk.

*CHH3* 57 Weather! or not?

*CHH3* 58/Facepalm Designs
Hint: Gotta try that SHROOM dude.

*CHH3* 59 / Rosy mood
Hint: Just take the first step.

CHH # 60 Raven's Heart
Hint: Why is the willow always weeping?

*CHH3* 61. ^.^Ayashi^.^

*CHH3* 62 Amulet
Hint: Sit in front of the fireplace and toast marshies but keep them out of your hair!

*CHH3* 63 ~*By Snow*~
Hint: "Look for the cat, he knows where it's at!"

*CHH3* 64 /T&S GLaMouR DeSiGnS

*CHH3* 65/Orage Creations

*CHH3* 66/( r e d ) M i n t

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