In Good Taste

This cute and surprising building is a gift from Rachel Boram. It's only free during the weekend, so hurry! There are many great buildings available at a special prize only for the weekend. Her medieval village that usually costs 3,500 lindens, it's only 50 lindens now!

In Good Taste
Quality commercial builds... when you want something a little different.

Rachel Boram is the owner and designer of In Her Shoes. She creates lovely hair and shoes, among other things, which she gives away for FREE!

In Her Shoes - FREE shoes.

In Her Body - FREE hair and shapes. Also some free buildings and other things.

And don't forget to visit LC Sculpts. es0 Torok, owner of LC Sculpts, is Rachel Boram's sister. She has some great sculpts which you can try for free because the no transfer sculpts are FREE.


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