Tutorial: Make your own pose HUD : SL for Nowt

"Have you ever wished you could adjust prim items on your avatar on-the-fly, but you can’t seem to grab hold of them to do so? (I know that some third party viewers have a great ‘edit’ option direct from inventory, but other viewers don’t have that.) Invariably, it’s in a place that doesn’t allow rezzing, so you end up having to teleport home where you have your pose stand rezzed, or you teleport to a sandbox so you can rez a stand.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go into the classic ‘star jump’ adjustment pose without all that hassle? Well you can, and to that end here’s a little illustrated tutorial showing you how to make your own wearable Pose HUD."
I love SL for Nowt, the old and the new versions:

You can find almost anything there. There are lots of useful tutorials, like this one for making a hud that helps you edit the things you are wearing. I thought about making my own hud for quite a while, but, being as busy as I am, it was something I always left for later, till today. I have made my own hud following Mar's instructions. Thank you Mar!

I just made a couple of changes, I didn't upload the texture, I used a white prim. Also, I made it a sphere, instead of a box.


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