Subtleties Of Summer Hunt (S.O.S. Hunt - September 1 - October 1)

Subtleties Of Summer Hunt (S.O.S. Hunt - September 1 - October 1)
Look for a cone in different colours: Choc/Vanilla, Strawberry/Vanilla, Strawberry/Choc, Blue/Choc, Orange/Creme, & Double Pink.

1) sweet little
Hint: I was in need of some robot assistance...just kidding, I was just trying to blend in ;]
2) .::La Flat::.
Hint: I'd like to play some vinyl records, but I'm only an ice cream cone :[
3) Julia Collection
Hint: Explore the upstairs level, have a snack, or some breakfast, or some wine, or an ice cream cone!
4) 20.FIVE
Hint: don't look TOO hard, you might miss me ;]
5) =catmonster=
Hint: Come sit by the window and cool off with a nice treat, surely you'll find me.
6) Joy Love
Hint: hurry come get me before I melt all over these rugs!
7) *Just Because*
Hint: Find the furthest room in the store, from there take a stroll through the "Atrium" maybe relax at a shaded table? ;]
8) Cupcakes & Poetry
Hint: If these walls could talk, they'd say "there's ice cream on me!"

10) O w l T o a s t
Hint: I found some colorful pillows up here!
Hint: Evolution of man ;]
12) RAWR Revolution
Hint: Oh no! I've rolled off the table!
13) {meberry}
Hint: Come get me off the shelf before I start to collect dust!
14) croire
Hint: Try the attic, maybe go for a lucky dip?
15) Home Sweet Home
Hint: The Gacha has got me!
16) CrashRepublic
17) Fab.Pony
Hint: There are plenty of pillars, but I'm only standing behind one ;]
18) Reila Skins
Hint: I got stuck - literally - while admiring these female skins.
19) !Doux Petit [Subtle Creek Market]
Hint: Robots like ice cream too ;]
20) !Doux Petit [The End]
Hint: Aren't these panda-quins just adorable?!


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