Creative Angel Hunts (September 7 - October 7)

Creative Angel Hunts (September 7 - October 7)

"In the dark days of the storm, when the angels fled the heavens and descended upon our world, keys were scattered upon the land. Many saviors came to help the angels locate the keys which would allow them to return home. There were those who chose to remain behind, for they enjoyed the freedom in the life they found amongst us. They have transformed themselves to better blend in with our world in hopes of remaining here and continuing the new lives that they have made for themselves. The runaway angels must go home, they are causing an imbalances of our universes by mixing the two. Chaos is reigning in the heavens that the angels among us are not aware of. The heavens need your help in looking for the angels who have changed their appearance and personality to hide among us so that balance and peace may be returned to our worlds once more. Your task is to locate the crosses which mark their hiding spots. In return, you will receive a small token of their appreciation."
Pictures of some of the gifts from the hunt:

You need to wear a badge to be able to collect the prizes from the keys. You can get the badge at the start location, and do not forget the Secret Sale...

There is a gift (lovely waters) to the right of the hunt poster.

At the start location, you get a folder with the badge and a notecard with the shops' landmarks... Wear the badge, use the notecard to get to the shops, find the keys, stand close to them and touch them.


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