Theory of Magic Hunt (August 29 - September 4)

Theory of Magic Hunt (August 29 - September 4)
Hunt object - A light blue potion bottle emitting magic particles.
Touch the sign at each location to receive the landmark for the next location. It is a small hunt, only 11 vendors, but with some very nice prizes.

Muds N Nias Hidden Shops (two bottles)
- A interactive VooDoo Doll with menu and holding animation.
- A Ladies Outfit with transfer permissions.

@~~~Bloodmyst~~~@ (magic book stack)

ISS - Imee's Stuff Shop (witch hat fatpack)

Inverted Moon (inside Indigo Oddities, 1st floor) (2 bottles: amulets and alchemical prints)

KAD Designs (2 bottles: Mystical Gate and Wiccan Retreat)

PRINCE DESIGNS (small vampire castle)

~~ Druids Designs  ~~ (Stone Circle)

Raven Keep Wiccan and Fantasy Shop (1 bottle, two gifts)
1) A genie lamp. Rez on the ground, rub... as you sit you will be magically floating on a particle cloud. LOW LAG scripted and only 1 prim!
2) From the jeweled turban to the tip of the jeweled toe on the shoes, a complete genie outfit.

{::.Tainted~Designs.::} (Rude dragon)

*Moonstar* (Outfit)

Ink Addict (3 bottles: necklace, clothes, tattoo)


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