SuperNatural Shops, Hints and Prizes - Part 1

Picture 1 and 2
Hair: ChiChickie (not in this hunt).
Eyes: Eye Candi.
Skin: aMuse.
Dress: Crayon Desing.
Necklace: .:CoLLisions:.
Picture 3: Outfit: LnL Square.
Picture 4: Outfit: [Electric]
Picture 5: Outfit: DivaLicious.
Picture 6: Outfit: CERO STYLE.
Picture 7 and 8: Outfit and coffin: J Stylez.
Picture 9:
Belt: Tree House Treasures.
Picture 10: Avatar: Kastle Rock Couture.
Picture 11: Hearth & Home, The Elegant Goth, Raven's Heart, SR Leatherwerkx, Darkfold Designs, T R I D E N T.
Picture 12:
Necklace: Lantian.
Outfit: Dressed by Lexi.
Picture 13: Zoe's Garden.

SuperNatural Hunt (August 1 - August 31), Part 1

Shops and hints:
1) SNH/Dark - #01-Crayon Design 
Hint: This gargoyle is made in Japan.
2) SNH/Dark - #02-The Elegant Goth
Hint: Would you like some tea?
3) SNH/Dark - #03-[Electric]
Hint: I will sit here watching all who walk up and down.
4) SNH/Dark - #04-Sinister Gestures
Hint: no hint needed.
5) SNH/Dark - #05-Kastle Rock Couture
6) SNH/Dark - #06-Darkfold Designs
Hint: You might find a nice surprise behind MM board number 3.
8)SNH/Dark - #08-Hearth & Home
Hint: Up here you will find me in a area way before it became the "Twlight" Zone.
10) SNH/Dark - #10- DivaLicious
Hint: I DARE YA to find me.
11) SNH/Dark - #11-Raven's Heart
Hint: A stone lady looks into a well, as do I.
12) SNH/Dark - #12-aMuse Fashion
Hint: Find me hanging out in DETENTION.
13)  SNH/Dark - #13-SR Leatherwerkx
Hint:Tread lightly on the stairway to Paradise... I'm always under foot!
14) SNH/Dark - #14-CERO STYLE
Hint: I am a new borned baby.
15) SNH/Dark - #15-~Lantian~
Hint: Look for this little guy sitting on a shelf, where jewelry sparkles.
16) SNH/Dark - #16- J Stylez
Hint: Shoes!
17) SNH/Dark - #17- !-[LoveFactory]-
Hint: Ask the Crystal Ball for a hint!
18) SNH/Dark - #18-Dressed by Lexi
Hint: Roaring 20's
19) SNH/Dark - #19-Zoe's Garden
Hint: Don't be scared to walk the bridge to the dark side.
20) S.N.H.-D.a.r.k _ No2.0- LnL Square
Hint: Stay in the Main Store!! Two stands together make the perfect shadow for me to rest in the dark!
21) SNH/Dark - #21- Eye Candi
Hint: My Eyes are on you.
22) SNH/Dark - #22-.:CoLLisions:.
Hint: Gargoyles always tend to prefer the dark side... even in Hell.
23) SNH/Dark - #23-Tree House Treasures
Hint: He is way up high looking down on everyone.
24) SNH/Dark - #24-T R I D E N T
Hint: "Where the runepriest stains the altar with the sacrifice's blood seek for your prize".

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