[NN]City Monsterhunt (Sim Wide Adventure Treasure Hunt - August 19 - 21)

[NN]City Monsterhunt - Sim wide adventure treasure hunt.
50 monsters hidden around [NN]City, each one filled with one free product out of 6 different stores, just waiting for you to catch them.
Start: Friday 19th August 1 am SLT.
End: Sunday 21th August 11 pm SLT.
Answer the questions and read the notecards you get from the monsters.

NO FLYING! or you can be ejected and banned, but you can use tps and parachutes to get the prizes. Get your free parachute here:

Join the ~Purple Elephant ~ 
or [NN] -Designs
groups  to stay updated on the details.

7 Lucky boards.
[nn] -CARNIVAL -devil - Freebie of the month.

Participating Stores:
-[NN]- Designs
-Aya´s Crappy Uniques
-Napalm Industries
-iMagz Animations
-Darling Baby Boutique Kidswear
-Dark Labs


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