Make A Wish

Raven Keep

"Make a Wish" from The Theory of Magic Hunt (August 29 - September 4)
HINT - Look amongst the other potion bottles.
HUNT ITEM TO FIND - One light blue potion bottle emitting magic particles.
NEXT LOCATION - Touch the sign at each location to receive the LM for the next location.  Small hunt, 11 vendors grid wide.

1) A genie lamp. Rez on the ground, rub... as you sit you will be magically floating on a particle cloud. LOW LAG scripted and only 1 prim!
2) From the jeweled turban to the tip of the jeweled toe on the shoes, a complete genie outfit. 
P&P Sassy Stillettos - SERENDIPITY - Still available, FREE. 

Subscriber gift: SIX different looks in this package! Including Tiger Claw jewelry set!

Free: Breast Cancer Awareness Tattoos GIFT.

Have a look around, there are lots of promos and deals.

More information about this hunt very soon.


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