Lots of Nice Things, Too Little Time

Hair: -dDx- EFB01 - Natural White Marketplace Exclusive.
Skin: Filthy - group gift.
Outfit: Paris Metro - free.
Jewelry: The Charlene Set - Paris Metro LtdEd - free.
Boots: TWOH - #24.  ***DECEIV*** - hunt prize.
Pose: Pulling Strings.

Some of the things you can get:

Paris Metro
Free Paris Metro gown at Santorini, you need the Santorini group to get it, no fee to join:
Paris Metro at Paris Couture:
- Paris Metro: White Linen Halter+Bra+Snake Skin Zip Pants.
- The Charlene Set - Paris Metro LtdEd.

3 free sexy mini-outfits for ::: Mu-Shi Doll ::: members (June, July and August gifts). No fee to join group:

Sale, hunt prizes and lots of gifts at .:AlterEgo:. No fee to join group.

M.O.C.K Lucky boards and gifts (make-up).

**Dinki Di Designs - Free shoes for male and female avatars and black boots on Midnight Mania board.

Black Kitten Home & Design
Free Summer Breeze Patio Set. Hunts.

Miss & Miss Project - beautiful skin, group gift, no fee to join.

LpD - Les Petits Details
Skin gift in notices.
*LpD* - Eyeliner - Free.
*LpD* - Eyeshadow Tatoo Gift - Free.
*LpD* - Lipstick Gift - Free.
*LpD* - *Summer Girl* Bag - 1 linden.

Free skins, group gifts (the group is still free to join), lucky boards and hunt prizes.
HS Skin Darkening Tattoo Layer - 1 linden.

LH_Beautician_Belt - Free.
LH_free_haie-accessory_Katyusha [mose] - Free.
LH_free_haie-accessory_turban_white [mouth] - Free.
Lucky chairs for hair:
Free in the dumpster near the entrance:
LH_Free_T_shirt_ver3, LH_free_T_shirt_Ver4, LH_rogo_bikini, LH_Natural_smile_animation, LH_Natural_repulsed_animation, LH_Natural_tongue_animation, LH_MIKO_Set, LH_shopping_bag, LH_bag, LH_Merciless cross, LH_Lovely_witch_ver2...
More lucky chairs here:

taisaya AO - several free poses.

Quintessencia - Shoes, 5 linden.

Filthy - August group gift Skins.
GROUP GIFT : SL2 Tats Makeups.
Dollarbie Male Fading HairBase - 1 linden.
::( F ):: LipGloss - 1 linden.
2ndhub free skins.

[ 69 ] MIA // GIFT HAIR

-dDx- EFB01 - Natural White Marketplace Exclusive.

The Dressing Room - New collection.

The Wild One Hunt
Information about the hunt and pictures of the prizes.
Start location:


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