Lots and Lots of Gifts from Curious Kitties


Curious Kitties
Group gifts:
*C:K* Nyanotech Accessory [Type B] - Enchanted Rose V3
*C:K* *UPDATE GROUP GIFT* Dangerous Ribbon Bracelets


*C:K* Nyanotech Hair - Kyaen [Type B] V3
 *C:K* Nyanotech HUD - Old Fashion Brown [Type A+B]
*C:K* Nyanotech HUD - Script Delete Tool
*C:K* Nyanotech HUD - Default Color Tool
*C:K* Nyanotech HUD - Information Tool
V3 Info - Free tools.

*C:K* Azil Light Sparkle Skins - 8 skins.

*C:K* Nyanotech 09-B Series Hair - Enilva V2
*C:K* Nyanotech [V2 > V3] Updater HUD
*C:K* Update 09 HUD Scripts [V3 Support]

*C:K* [FREE] Ameshin2011 Robo Kitty Avatar
*C:K* [FREE] Broken Dreams Mermaid Tail - Curious Colors

*C:K* [FREE] Curious Kitties Yukata - 12 free ones.

*C:K* [FREE] Curious Kitties Dragon Dress - DarknessxLightness

There are more freebies at Mesh Cafe already listed above, and more at the MarketPlace:


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