My Precious Queen

MY PRECIOUS Winter QUEEN CONTEST 2011 (12 July to 12 Nov)

My Precious Queen Contest is one of the most important events for My Precious Fashion House. The winner will be entitled as My Precious Queen and work as our ambassador throughout her reign. In 2011, there will be two queens: My Precious Summer Queen (January to May) & My Precious Winter Queen (July to November).

CONTACT PERSON: Agnes Finney (by notecard)

General Selection Procedures

1. A total of 3 ladies will be selected to be Finalist from  January to May (Summer Queen) & July to November (Winter Queen).
2. There will be 15 finalists by May (Summer) / November (Winter)
3. Finalists will compete for the title of Queen in the grand finale in June (Summer) or December (Winter)

Prizes for Queen, runner ups and finalists

Each Queen (summer & winter) will be awarded:
a) Honorable Tag of My Precious Queen.
b) MP Precious Queen Crown, sceptre & Jewelry set by Alienbear Design.
d) Cash prize of 20,000L, gift cards valued 20,000L and Queen gown named after her.
e) Special feature in our prestige publication: My Precious Memories.
f) Opportunities being exposed to various renowned SL publications.

1st and 2nd Runner up
a)  Runner up Crown & jewelry by Alienbear’s Design.
b)  My Precious Gift cards valued at 8000L and 5000L respectively.
c) Feature in our prestige publication: My Precious Memories.

Monthly winners (Finalists)
Each will be awarded an AVENUE Models Academy 1,000L Voucher.
My Precious Gift card valued at 1000L.

My Precious by Agnes Finney


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