More Hunts and Gifts at Ms B Designs

{Ms. B. Designs}

Group gifts:
{Ms. B. Designs} Suave Easy.
{Ms. B. Designs} Laying Pretty.

Hunts and Hints:
S&SH #032 - {Ms. B. Designs}
S&SH: I know it's hot, but please don't play in the fountain.

# 037 - Skull - {Ms. B. Designs} - 1 linden.
SKULL: LAND HO! ye scurvy curr, heave to and find ye prize amongst this treasure.

FCKH8 #24
FCKH8: I said, Fuck the hate, instead I CHERISHED it and curled up in love's arms.

Gift for Pro Posers members:

{Ms. B. Designs} Shoulder Kiss - 10 lindens.

{Ms. B. Designs}  at the SHST HQ.
{Ms. B. Designs} Strike a Pose.

{Ms. B. Designs} at Carrie's Lingerie Mall:
{Ms. B. Designs} Cheek to Cheek - group gift.

New Photo Contest - get a notecard with information at the shop.


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