Cilian'gel 1920's Boutique and The 'You Got a Friend' Hunt

"Cilian'gel 1920's Boutique is taking part in the Grand Opening of Chicago 1920's and the "You Got a Friend" Hunt.

Why this hunt?
In honor of Chicago 1920's Grand Opening and the International Friendship Day.
Chicago 1920's is a great new place to role play, dance, shop, visit or just hang out.
And how fun it is to be hunting for prizes with friends!!

When? from  July 22nd to July 30th.

How to hunt?
You are looking for 11 Whiskey Barrels hidden in the city of Chicago and another 9 barrels hidden in different stores.

Teleport to the Fiume Jazz Lounge and grab the extra information notecard from the 'Whiskey  Barrel "You Got a Friend" Hunt' object. Just click on it ^^ Have fun hunting!

What are the prizes from Cilian'gel 1920's Boutique?
 Hidden in 3 different barrels ;P
 - Got Blossoms ? Day dress set for Her.
 - Got Gambler ? Day set for Him.
 - Demonstration boards with pose for prohibition purpose ('We want beer' and 'Lips that touch liquor Shall not touch ours')."
Get a notecard with the names of the shops in the hunt, the hints and other information about the hunt, here:

Don't forget to get the gifts in Cilia's shop:

A couple of gifts under the clock, by the runway for the fashion show:


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