Bandana Day and Last Day for the Hair Fair

Today is Bandana Day and the last day for the Hair Fair. The Hair Fair raises money for the charity Wings for Kids. You can buy any of the beautiful bandanas or buy lots of hair without feeling too guilty, after all it is for charity... and do not forget to get the many gifts and dollarbies that there are in many of the shops at the fair.

There's no lag today at the Hair Fair, so I put on my new ChiChickie bandana and the free bikini  (it's in the goodie bag at the Hair Fair, there are also some clothes, skins and hair in that great bag from ChiChickie) and free skin from ChiChickie (at the mainstore) and relaxed for a bit before looking for something else to blog.

Main shop:
Hair Fair:

Hair Fair Locations:

Gifts and dollarbies:

You can find some great posts about the Hair Fair in the FabFree blog:


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