Strike a Pose

{Ms. B. Designs}

Group gifts:
{Ms. B. Designs} Suave Dude.
{Ms. B. Designs} Standing Pretty.


??? Hunt: Some moments take your breath away, the ??? is, can you capture yours?
The ??? Hunt #84 {Ms. B. Designs} - Snuggle.

Oh My Box Hunt: Your gift is COMING SOON.
#14 - OhMyBox - {Ms. B. Designs} Boxed Up.

Over You Hunt Hint: I'm so over you, you KISS ASS!
Over You Hunt Object 34 {Ms. B. Designs}.

FabFree gift:
Shoulder kiss (pose for couples).

There's a free pose for couples ({Ms. B. Designs} Strike a Pose), here:

There are more free things there: clothes, poses, shapes, skins, boots, shoes...


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