Huntaholics and More: Hunting Tips and Etiquette

"Hunting tips and Etiquette
I've actually lost count on how many hunts I've participated in, though from the looks of my inventory, I would feel safe in saying that I have done over 30. Yeah, I'm a huntaholic and I love it! It's a fabulous way to pass the time, a terrific manner in which to discover new stores/sims and to meet people who are not only helpful but super friendly. Then there are the gifts, which I love to find and open later, making it feel like Xmas over and over again to me. (Yeah, I'm a kid at heart!)
While hunting through the grid or doing sim hunts, I have learned a few tips and helpful hints that have helped me keep hunting fun and enjoyable this whole time.

1. Find a hunt that you will enjoy first. I love being in Huntaholics and More, since each month they give out a list of upcoming hunts. (Great big thank you to Gavyn, Bestat and everyone else from HAM's, for all the work they do on that list)."
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