Huntaholics and More!, a Great Group

Huntaholics and More!

Group charter:
"That's right, we are crazy hunters. Grid wide, sim wide, store wide... you'll find us on the hunt trail everywhere. Need help? Ask and we'll do our best to help!

Hunting may be our common activity but we also chat, get together and pass around information about Midnight Mania boards, Lucky Chairs and sales. 

If you are being paid to post MM boards, ads, promotions in groups, your posts are not welcome here without owner permission.

Please be respectful but do ask for hints and/or help."

Huntaholics and More! is a great group. You can find information about hunts, gifts, freebies, Midnight Mania boards, Lucky chairs and boards... and many more things. You can also chat and make friends with other Second Life residents. Gavyn, one of the owners, sends a monthly note with information about many of the hunts that are organized everywhere in the grid and he also sends updates. It is really a great help. There are so many great hunts... it is very nice when somebody helps you.


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