The Grunge Soul Project (GSP)

The Grunge Soul Project (GSP) is the place where you can find all body related high quality items from skin to clothes for a low price, 75-100ls, in an Urban, Modern, Sexy, Grunge Style for both genders. Each GSP session will last three weeks.

Session 1: 13th June-3rd July.


Designers : Acide, Admiral Spicy, Al Vulo, annaA, Angel Hair, Bon voayage, Buid, Candydoll, Costa Nostra, Damed, Delicious, Divine, Iren, Jesylilo, Kristica, Mojo, Muka, Munique, Oups, Pepper, Phresa, Poison, NV, Rerty, Sorry asia, Sourires, Spirit, Shush, Sucial Unborn, Sweet Leonard, X-ray.


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