Creative Angel Hunt

Creative Angel Hunt

"After an eternity of peace and quiet, one night a powerful storm ripped through the heavens, scaring all the angels. The angels had never seen such a sight. Some fled from their homes in confusion, some flew around lost and scared, and disoriented others had fallen through the heavens, tumbling to the ground to dwell with us. While the angels were falling their enchanted keys wound up lost and scattered here in our world. The keys are needed for them to return home to heaven, without the keys they will be lost forever."

Pictures of some of the gifts from the hunt:

You need to wear a badge to be able to collect the prizes from the keys. You can get the badge at the start location: 

At the start location, you get a folder with a couple of prizes, the badge, a notecard with the shops' landmarks... Wear the badge, use the notecard to get to the shops, find the keys, stand close to them and touch them. If a key doesn't deliver the first time, try again. There seems to be a small problem with some of them. You get a folder called 'CAH Hunt Items'. Add the name of each shop to the folders you get so you won't go crazy trying to organize your inventory.


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