Full Moon Kitty

A wild and sexy kitty of beautiful hair and great skin reaching for the moon... I got this outfit from AQUA, there is an egg hunt there, 8 eggs for female avatars and 8 eggs for male ones. There are also some gifts and a huge sale, everything is 25 lindens or less!

I love this skin (and it only costs 50 lindens!) and the hair goes really well with it. You can get this hair in two versions, both beautiful:

Styling card:

Skin: Elisa, *LpD* - Limited edition, 50 lindens.
There are three gift boxes next to Elisa. Remember to take them. ;)

Hair: * EVE III * / naturals, .:EMO-tions:.
There are group gifts available at the shop:

Outfit: Egg Hunt at Aqua.

Poses: Catwoman, [Shelle].
Dollarbies and some cheap poses.


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