Beautiful Fantasy Dreams

Fairies and unicorns are part of the fantasy world... They do not exist in our world... or do they? If you are a dreamer, you know that we are not alone... fairies, unicorns and other amazing creatures live among us... some in rl and many more in sl.

There are many kinds of fairies, many love the night time, the moon, the stars...

They love dancing under the moonlight...

Fairies love stories, they love sharing the stories they know and learning new ones. That's why they love books... They are the librarians of our world. If you want to make them happy, ask them to tell you a story...

Outfit and accessories: **Angelwing** Adorabelle White/S set.
This outfit comes with more accessories, not shown in the pictures.
Hair: Battle Angel, Christmas Gift.
Skin: -Glam Affair - Mary Natural.


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