Treasure Hunt at Ivalde (Part 1)

Ivalde gets its name from Ivalde, the leader of the black elves who lived under ground. He was a master blacksmith and  made the most wonderful treasures to the Viking Gods like Thor's hammer, Sif golden hair, Odin's spear, the ship Skibladner, Draupner and Gyldenbørste. Ivalde in SL gives treasures to avatars. 

Hurry! because the hunt finishes today.

There's a box with hints in the shop, touch it and it gives you a folder with to notes, one with pictures and the other with written hints:

Treasure 01: stonebench Ivalde avenue.
Treasure 02: table at group room.
Treasure 03: floor at the 1930 room.
Treasure 04: fireplace 2 floor.

 Treasure 05: Viking ship.
Treasure 06: serpents mount.
Treasure 07: L'abel big window 1 floor.
Treasure 08: Viking Pyre.

Treasure 09: waterfall cave.
Treasure 10: Stonetroll at the mountain top.
Treasure 11: Fireplace at the mountain (T-path).
Treasure 12: Stabbur L'Abel.

Treasure 13: Drage, on the roof. (Extra coin)

There are 13 group gifts available near the Lucky Chairs:


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