Tan without Sun, Hunts and Group Gifts at Gaea Designs

Tan without sun, or how to make your skin look different without the expense of buying a new skin... It is very easy, just wear a skin and a bit, or a lot, of tan. There are also fantasy tans (magenta, purple, blue...).

#31 - !::Wicked Hunt::i - Gaea Designs - Tattoo: Circled Tree.
WTPAY Hunt Object #35 - Wanna Peep.
White Rose Hunt Object - Tattoo: Roses Blue.
WSH #A06 Gaea Designs - Tattoo: Dragon1.
M&MH 90 Gaea Designs - Tattoo: Two Roses.
VRDH  #27 - Tattoo: Roses Pink White.
TEBH- Gaea Designs - #6 - Evil Bunny.
Hunt content: TKEEH-#67-Gaea Designs - Tattoo: Two Bunnies.

There are also several group gifts available, and some items are just 10 lindens.


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