Mini Hunt at Diesel Works

There is a mini hunt at Diesel Works, the prizes are old gifts, so this is a good opportunity to get those poses if you do not have them yet. You need to look for this object:

There are ten of them, well, in fact, there are eleven, there are two #8, but one of them has the same prize #1 has, make sure you get the right #8.

The prizes are:

8 poses for couples...

1 pose prop with 7 poses...

and a unisex pose set with 11 poses.

The objects are very easy to find, but if you are a member there is no need to hunt for the gifts, just click on the vendor next to the subscriber with your group tag on.

While you are there, get the prize from another hunt: DIMH2 - #009 Diesel Works (3 female poses and 3 male ones).


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