Le Fetiche Easter Hunt (April 18th - April 25th)

Le Fetiche Easter Hunt (April 18th - April 25th)

Locations and Hints:

Le Fetiche New Castle, Darkadia

10 prizes!!!

1* "Where the cherry blossoms"
2* "I'll teach you one or two things about peacocks"
3* "Someone threw away the keys"
4* "And for you what will it be Sir?"
5* "As pervert as a cat can be"
6* "Spank me once, shame on you..."
7* "Vintage doesn't mean prude"
8* "Someone please call a plumber"
9* "the Story of O must be hidden in there"
10* "1 or 2 knots in your tea?"

XTC Leather

* "Take the stairs
    Three floors high
    Between the mens jackets
    Cam outside "


* "If you're wicked, you are bound to be caged."

RLV Latex Doll Avatars - HybridZ

*"Search high search low, but do not forget to look where the art lovers like to go"

There are 10 gifts here:

Latex Web Inc. / Clan of the Lat

5 prizes!!!!

1* "you don't want to throw away this junk"
2* "it's important to stay clean"
3* "giddyup"
4* "Darkadia's Tears"
5* " Say a prayer for the dearly departed"

Plus some gifts:
LWI - Free Latex Hooded Skin
Silve latex dress

Blacklace & Alphamale

"look for the gift cards"


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