Hunts at HerBerry

HerBerry Hunts Hints:
- Dark Room Hunt (April 1 - May 31):
Allen is somewhat of a harmless ghost, even if he's sleazy. The story tells us that he was a tramp and accused of impregnating all three of the king's daughters. He faced a death penalty by hanging, but somehow he managed to escape the final judgement and has been stuck in the spiritworld ever since. His passion for staring at women makes him hang around in clothing stores for ladies. Don't Drop your Tears for this one, ladies!

- JTEH Easter Egg Hunt (April 1 - April 30):
When looking for this egg, if u Hault!, you will find it easier.
- Easter Madness Hunt (April 1 - April 30):
 I like to laugh until my sides are in "stitches".
- Happy Birthday Hunt (April 1 - April 30):
My birthday is in the winter, I like to cover my head with something warm on my birthday.

- Mix & Match Hunt (April 1 - April 23):
I've got "the blues" in the spring... but these jeans make things much better!
- Rainy Day Hunt (April 1 - April 30):
When you find this rain drop, you will feel as though you attained "Nirvana"

- The Evil Bunny Hunt (April 1 - April 30):
 What's your sign? Mine is Gemini, but you were born in December...
- The Evil Bunny Hunt (October Alchemy Hunts) (April 1 - April 30):
Sweaters are sweet.... look for me in Sweat ers.
- The Kinky Easter Egg Hunt (April 9 - April 23):
"Maybe" you will find it in dresses. 

- The Wicked Hunt (April 1 - May 1):
Look for me in a Pink Armie... 
There are two MMs and group gifts at the shop, and in notices.

Skin: Redgrave.
Hair: ChiChickie.
Poses: Ks2cool.


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