Hunts and Freebies at Olive Juice

The bee: Seasons Hunt Spring: Olive Juice Gifts <3
Inside the bee:
Olive Juice- Spring Fields
Olive Juice- Spring Fling
Olive Juice- Spring on a String

Freebies, dollarbies and cheapies:
Olive Juice- True Blood Pose Pack - 1 linden.
Olive Juice- I am the Gatekeeper, Are you the Keymaster? - Free.
Olive Juice- I'm a Cheap Date - 10 lindens.
Olive Juice- Alice in Wonderland Pose Pack - Free.
Olive Juice- Fashun Crabwalk Dollarbie - 1 linden.


THE SEASONS HUNT SPRING (April 16, 2011 through April 30, 2011).
Look for the cute, little bee to get the prizes.

There are 69 shops in this hunt. Join the group for information and for a cute bee you can wear.

More information:


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