Hunting for Hair at DeadKitties (Easter Hunt)

Easter Hunt at Deadkitties: 15 purple eggs to be found! Male and female hair, eyes and top and skirt.


Egg Content and Hints:

Easter Egg 1/10 - Cindy Angel by ^^dk^^.
Hint for next egg: Inside a Castle, surrounded by Roses and Thorns she´s been sleeping so long... Well, I got her hair now!

Easter Egg 2/10 - Glamy Mohawk iced by ^^dk^^ (scripted for colour change).
Hint for next egg: Thank god she got rid of snakes on her head, they never knew how to behave^^.

Easter Egg 3/10 - Left diamon galaxy fire by ^^dk^^ and Right diamond galaxy green by ^^dk^^.
Hint for next egg: I see you!

Easter Egg 4/10 -  Messy Free by DK.
Hint for next egg: Meaw =^-^=.

Easter Egg 5/10 - Grace Purple by ^^dk^^.
Hint for next egg: In good and in bad times... I'm yours master.

Easter Egg 6/10 - Yumi brown tipped by ^^dk^^.
Hint for next egg: Oh look! It's an all year Christmas Tree!

Easter Egg 7/10 - Kaitlyn dark red by ^^dk^^.
Hint for next egg: Why do guys have a comb anyway?

Easter Egg 8/10 - .:Astaroth:. Glanor black.
Hint for next egg: I know about his jackets name... but I'm telling you: he *won't* start sparkling in the sun!

Easter Egg 9/10 - .:Astaroth:. Fate dracul.
Hint for next egg: Join me in Death baby!

Easter Egg 10/10 - .:Astaroth:. Ville darkbrown.
Hint for next egg:  Someone looks like beach and summer here.

Easter Egg 11/10 - LD promo basic skirt and top (with emote scripts).
Hint for next egg: Diamonds are a Girls best friend <3.

Easter Egg 12/10 - Cindy Devil by ^^dk^^.
Hint for next egg: There's no pot of gold... but an egg of hair.

Easter Egg 13/10 - Decadence greenbeam by ^^dk^^.
Hint for next egg: Whats your Chocolate side?

Easter Egg 14/10 - nadja short striped black/red by ^^dk^^ (scripted for colour change).
Hint for next egg: Don't make me drink this, I won't be able to sleep again...

Easter Egg 14/10 - Seline Free by DK.
This is the last egg, even if it's called 14, too, it should be number 15.

There are also some freebies, dollarbies and cheapies, camping box, dust bin, lucky duck... have a look around.


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