Got Bunhee? - Lots of Gifts from Cilian'gel

Cilia has sent another group gift, it is in notices. It's called 'Got Bunhee?' and there are male and female versions. The outfit includes: tank, jeans, nose and teeth, whiskers and two hair bands, one with a bow (the one in the picture) and another one with ears.

There are also 10 outfits still available for members at The Temple, here:

Join the group now. It only costs a small fee, 10 lindens, in order to discourage spammers and the like. The group gifts are great, do not miss them.

Got Style ? - Got Cilian'gel ? 

Go have a look at her shop, she always has some gifts and very good promos for her customers. There is also an MM and a gatcha machine. Can you tell I love her shop? ;)

Cilian'gel Boutique


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