Easter Egg Hunt at Zero Cool

There's an Easter Hunt at Zero Cool. You need to find 8 eggs to get all the prizes. Here I am with some of the things you can get:

I am wearing the ZC Desert Camouflage Chucks and sitting next to: Hug Your Heart Icebear (a really cute animated teddy bear), ZC Zen Inspiration, ZC Sweet Like Candy, ZC Orchid's Decoration, and ZC Table Fireside Opposites Attract, very beautiful things that will nicely decorate your home.

You can also get these great shoes (ZC Velvet Temptation White):

or, my favourite, ZC Casual Sneakers Nr2:

Hair: ChiChickie! Robin - Mixed Darks - 10 lindens from the secret sale.
Skin: [Al Vulo!] - [ bitter choco  group gift ]
Jeans: magi take skinny jeans [ purple ] - Group gift.
Sneakers: ZC Casual Sneakers Nr2 - Easter Hunt at Zero Cool.

More information and promos:


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