31 Days, 31 Gifts

Gems & Kisses Couture presents 31 Gifts in 31 Days to celebrate their second anniversary, coming May 1st. A different gift every day in April. Do not miss them.
Starting April 1st, Gems & Kisses Couture will be offering 30 days of NEW creations at a rate of one per day.  Each creation comes in 2 variations: gold and platinum.  One version will be given FREE, the other will be offered at a special price. The items will change each day and the great discount will only apply to the item the day it is introduced.  Afterwards, a new item will be introduced and the previous item will placed at the normal price.

What do you need to do?  Due to vendor script limitations you MUST be registered to either the Gems & Kisses group for customers or the Gems & Kisses Loves Models group for the modeling community in SL in order to take advantage of this promotion.  There will be two sets of vendors at GK, one set for each group.  Make sure you are registered with either of those groups.


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