Bare Sensual Jenny

Free Skins at Mynerva

Hell Raizer at hO wEAr

Three Looks

PR!TTY Gifts

Don't Let Me Go

Where is...? Hunt (May 1 - May 22)

Monica Special Edition Skins from Glam Affair

Dollarbie and Group Gifts at Essential Soul

Free Hair and More at Discord Designs (-dDx-)

Fabulous Skybox and Jacket from Lo*momo

Free Pasqualina set at Donna Flora

Uncensored Fantasy

Free to Use Photo Studio in Second Life

Spring Essences

The Lazy Daisy Hunt (1st to 31st May)

Best Selling Creations Hunt (25 April - 8 May)

Beautiful Lisana

Hunts, Group Gifts and More at LoveFactory

Hunt, Gifts and More at Allusions

Easter Egg Hunt at Zero Cool

New Places, New Gifts from Paris Metro

Hunts and Freebies at Glitterati

Crazy Hair

Free Skin at Becilia

Touch of Sensuality Easter Hunt at Silent Nights

Piou Piou Little Chick

Easter Egg Hunt at Eye Candi

Free W.C. at Wet Cat

Gorgeous Plum Bed with Menu (1 Linden)

Hunts and Gifts at Poised

Pink Moon at Cilian'gel 1920's Boutique

Free Hair at Vita's Boudoir

Wild Man (April 1 - 30)

Yeah Toast!! Hunt (April 8 - May 8)

Femdom Hunt (April 15 - 30)

10 Linden Sale and Gifts at Urban Girl

Cover My Furry Butt Hunt (April 1 - April 30)

April Fools Hunt (April 1 - April 30)

Hunt and Gift at Morea Style Design

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